• Conference Interpreting
  • Meetings and board meetings
  • Business meetings
  • Court sessions and arbitration sessions
  • Company tours with tour guide system
  • Consecutive interpreting


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for negotiations, conferences and conventions in all EU languages. We work with experienced interpreters with specialization in finance, economics, politics, technology, medicine, and marketing.

Interpreters and interpreters specialize in specialized events and company presentations. They prepare for a particular project by reading about the field of … and researching terminology etc.

Simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs out of a soundproof booth. These are the best conditions to translate for up to several hundred participants with very little delay If putting up a booth is not possible, interpreters work with tour guide system (headphones for the audience, microphone for interpreters or interpreter).

Consecutive interpretation is provided, if conference technology is not available. This means that the interpreter repeats what the speaker has said.

As in every other discipline of interpreting, in telephone interpreting there is a distinction between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. In consecutive interpreting the interpreter alternates with the speaker. The interpreter transmits short sections of his interlocutor on the phone. Other participants can listen, but not actively participate.

Please contact us for a binding offer within 24 hours, including fees, travel costs and time allowance.

Your information and documents are treated confidentially. On request, a written confidentiality agreement will be signed. Advice and project management are included in the quoted price.


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