• Technical translations
  • Certified translations by sworn translators

Professional translation is a matter for qualified translators. Due to the rapid progress in industry, science and technology new terms and specialized terminology arise almost daily. Aber…Yes communicatie places the highest linguistic demands on the translator. Comprehensive expertise, the exact knowledge of the current language use, the proper use of computer aided translations systems and stylistic sensitivity of the translators are basic requirements for the correct translation of a text in another language.

Native principle

Our translators translate into the respective fields from different working languages ​​always in their native language. Only native translators are familiar with all aspects of the original text with the necessary linguistic subtlety in the dominated areas of specialization.

We work primarily with the languages ​​German, English, Dutch, French and Spanish. Please contact us if you need other languages translated.

We provide certified translations in ​​German, English and Dutch.

If you send us an editable file we will provide you with a binding quote within 24 hours. Quotes for non-editable files may take a little longer.

Your documents and texts are treated confidential. On request, a written confidentiality agreement is signed.


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